About MJ Leather Designs

Hello there! My name is Moriah Jacobs, I am the owner/ designer/ maker at MJ Leather Designs!

I grew up in Litchfield Park, Arizona 🌵which is 30 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona.

I have a livestock showing, horse/mule, and farming background and LOVE my agriculture community. ❤️


Growing up working on a farm taught me a lot about hard work! It taught me how to handle anything life throws at me. I know if I set my mind to something I can get it done, which has really shaped me and my business! 

I was lucky enough to grow up with business owners as parents and watch them work day in and day out to make their dream happen. It has really given me big goals to reach for!

I love anything turquoise, leather or beaded. I have an obsession with a good pair of boots and a believe in having a fully stocked jewelry box. You can never have enough of either one!

My Australian Shepherd Cutter is my best friend and traveling companion. He always at my feet, giving kisses and ready to hop in the truck! I swear he is the friendliest dog I have ever seen and he LOVES meeting new people. 

I graduated from the University of Arizona in May of 2016, moved to South Dakota for a job in my degree field as an Agronomist🌱. I lived there for 5 months before realizing that being an Agronomist was not a fulfilling job for me.

In South Dakota I really started pursuing my passion for leatherwork in my spare time, and with my move back to Arizona in November of 2016 my client base has grown amazingly!! 

It is truly an AMAZING feeling knowing my passion has grown into something that other people LOVE, not just myself and my mother haha. 

My vision for MJ Leather Designs is to create beautiful and unique work that will last a lifetime.

Great customer service is SO important to me, as I know you can get similar work anywhere these days. Good customer service, and creating relationships with my customers along with having a fun experience through the purchase process is very important to me. 

My favorite part of this business is working with customers and creating the piece they have always envisioned for themselves.

I am SO blessed to have such a great support system, and all of my friends and family who have had faith in my work and my life!

Thank you SO MUCH for being a crucial part to my business, 

I appreciate YOU so much!